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    Beavercreek Kick-Off Events

    Let's get you ready for the upcoming semester by learning about Clark State College, completing any needed admissions applications or enrollment steps, scheduling your classes, ordering your textbooks, and enjoying giveaways and refreshments.

    Who's going to be there?
    • Accessibility Services: Request accommodations, similar to 504 and Individualized Educational Plan (IEP), to determine your eligibility for support related to any disability that may impact your learning and wellbeing.
    • Advising: All day we'll have drop-in Advising so that you can register for classes or change your major once you've completed your enrollment steps.
    • Career Services: Get started in your career by getting help with choosing a major, exploring careers and co-op/internships, and applying for student employment opportunities.
    • Cashier's Office: Create a payment plan for any tuition costs not covered by Financial Aid to make your education cost more manageable.
    • Counseling Services: Establish a relationships with Counselors for free and confidential support since college can cause additional stress, depression, or anxiety.
    • Financial Aid: Secure funds to support your education by getting information, guidance, and resources to help you navigate scholarships, grants, and loans.
    • Military Benefits: Take advantage of the types of VA/Military Education Benefits available to students, including the opportunity to apply for a 50% military discount.
    • Office of Student Support: Work with a specialist to review local and federal agencies for assistance in housing, childcare, healthcare, transportation, and more.
    • Placement Assessment: Schedule to take any necessary Placement Assessments you may need in order to register for classes. No studying is required.
    • Student Life: Extend your college experience beyond the classroom by exploring student organizations and groups to create lifelong memories, forge friendships, and discover your passions. 
    • TRIO Student Support Services: Determine your eligibility for additional opportunities for academic and career development and assistance with basic college requirements to be successful in completing your degree.   
    • Tutoring: Talk with a Tutor about ways to study and what its like to work with a Tutor for your classes.

    Additionally, Clark State provides ongoing events to help you feel like you belong at Clark State and help create better balance between school and life. Register below for times related to the following topics:

    1. College 101: An orientation about our virtual bookstore, myClarkState, Blackboard, and other resources to get you started for the semester.
    2. Resource Toolkit: Develop your toolkit by learning more about Accessibility Services, Counseling, Office of Student Support, TRIO, and Tutoring.
    3. Study Smarter, Not Harder: Discover ways to effectively make notes and prepare for exams. 
    4. Learning Your Way: Identify effective study habits that match your learning preferences.
    5. Balancing Act: Navigate the varying demands of academics and life.
    6. Mindset Matters: Learn about and embrace a growth mindset for success.
    7. Next Stop: Navigate available transfer pathways to earn a 4-year degree. 

    Do you need to apply to Clark State? Apply now so that you can use the time during this event to complete all of the tasks needed to register you for classes. All applicants are accepted because everyone belongs at Clark State! Apply now >>

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